19 years of award winning integration excellence forms the foundation of our value proposition to customers. nVisionIT’s approach focusses on achieving measurable progress in achieving business objectives, not on positioning a particular platform or product.

The advent of cloud has radically changed the approach to integration. Large parts, if not all, of your integration can now live in the cloud and benefit from the associated cost, performance and reliability benefits. nVisionIT’s extensive experience in integration helps our customers plan how to migrate existing integration to the cloud as well as build new ones from scratch.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Online or offline? Hybrid Web, Progressive Web Application or Full Native? The choice depends on a combination of budget, features, user expectations and time constraints. The challenge is that choosing incorrectly can be costly and time-consuming. nVisionIT’s iterative approach allows these decisions to be tested early and often so that the strategy can be adjusted as our understanding of the application evolves.

Enabling Technologies

Web Development

Web Development

nVisionIT uses the latest tools and technologies to build secure, fast & responsive sites that work on all browsers and devices. Our approach to DevOps allows for rapid and frequent delivery – often alongside the application we are replacing – allowing our customers to use the software as soon as possible. Whether you are wanting a fresh coat of paint on an older site, a new module or are starting from scratch nVisionIT has the people and experience to build your next exciting web experience.

Connected Office

Connected Office

Increase customer, partner, employee and sales engagement through a digital office that includes analytics and automation. Our Connected Office stack provides the tools you need to leverage the data surfaced through Content Services.

Connected Office includes:

Customer Engagement

Provide an exceptional customer experience.

Empowered Employees

Providing the right tools for employees to do their best work.

Field Service

Master the service call with smarter capabilities, from optimised scheduling to predictive maintenance.

Sales Enablement

Bringing digital intelligence to every deal.

Content Services

Content Services

The digitalisation of your manual, paper based and unordered information and processes allows your organisation to find, process and report on information faster than ever before. Unorganised information is difficult and time consuming to find and move through your processes.

Transitioning your information and processes into the digital world allows workers to spend less time finding and moving assets around and more time making smarter business decisions.

Content Services provides the backbone that the Connected Office leverages.

Content Services includes:

Digital Asset Management

Eliminating manual processes and surfacing information from unordered or inaccessible data.

Document and Records Management

Reducing the cost and effort of compliance and governance activities through digitisation of your key business processes and artefacts.


Enable your organisation to process work faster and more efficiently.

Digital Forms

Revolutionise your information driven processes with digital forms origination.

Accounts Payable Automation

Streamline AP processes, maximizing the benefits achieved by efficient and precise invoice processing.

Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor management processes to improve relationships and minimize organizational risk.

Case Management

Provide case workers with a 360° view of all the information they need to drive the—often unpredictable—work that requires their knowledge and expertise.

Interactive Portals

Engage your customers, partners, vendors and employees by allowing them to originate, engage with and report on content directly from your information systems.

Digital Signatures

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to gather signatures from your customers, partners, vendors, board members and employees.

Automated Consumer Trace and Credit Risk Verification

Credit Risk assessment tools provide an online information service that gives you instant access to detailed background Credit assessment and public record Trace information.

DevOps Services

DevOps Services

There is enough empirical evidence that proves that the combination of Agile and DevOps is the best way to build software that currently exists.

DevOps focusses on communication, collaboration and integration and Agile is the continuous iteration of development and testing in the software development life cycle.

The challenge is that not everyone agrees on the interpretation of DevOps and Agile. This often results in poor returns, confusion and frustration.

What is certain is that continuous, incremental improvement is the key to Agile and DevOps success.

Whether you are already driving DevOps in your organisation, just starting out or maybe trying to fine-tune your on-site/off site/ outsourced development team, we have an approach and tools that have proven to increase return on development spend.

Questions we have answered

  • Why do new features take so long?
  • How do we get new features to market faster?
  • Why does testing take so long with so many defects?
  • Why does it take developers a long time to get up to speed on our platform?
  • Why does adding new features break old ones?
  • Why do we struggle to control project scope?
  • Why do we continue to rebuild large parts of our systems?
  • How do we use the latest tech (AI, ML, IoT) with our existing systems?
  • Why do large projects get in the way of delivering smaller, urgent ones?

Technologies Leveraged

Strategy Alignment


Planning and Requirements


Coding Practices

DevMetrics, Sonar, BitBucket

Incident Management


Software Design


Team Management


Release Management

Jira, Jenkins, BitBucket

Quality Assurance

Jira, SonarQube


AppInsights, AppDynamics

Risk and Issue Management


Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Traditionally, 70-80% of an organisation’s ICT costs are for keeping the lights on to maintain operations. Our focus on cloud infrastructure services is to reduce this base cost, where increased budget pressure means keeping the lights on consumes almost the entire budget.

Cloud is the new normal when it comes to increased efficiency, improved cash flow and flexibility.

Cloud Infrastructure Services Includes

Lift & Shift

Expanding your datacentre into Azure.Private cloud or hybrid

Azure Functions

Serverless architecture to run custom code without the need for infrastructure (FAAS - function as a service)

Licensing through our Tier 1 CSP status

  • O365 Suite
  • Microsoft 365 Suite
  • Dynamics 365 Suite
  • CRM Online
  • SharePoint Online

Enabling our CUSTOMERS
to SUCCEED FASTER in the Digital Economy