Construction Industry Development Board


Construction Register System

The Construction Industry Development Board is tasked with regulating and accrediting organisations in the Construction industry who provide services to Local and National Government. Part of this mandate is to ensure the growth of SME organisations.

nVisionIT has built and continues to support the core operating systems used by the CIDB, these include the following:

  • The CRS (Construction Register System) which is responsible for managing the application of all construction companies, the grading of these companies, and the approval of these companies.
  • This process is governed by applicable regulations and legislation - which nVisionIT analysts where given the task of interpreting and defining this core supporting system. Key system capabilities include:

The ability to:

  • Scan and process new and renewal applications
  • Capture application information
  • Mange an intensive review and approval workflow
  • Send out communications through the process
  • Report on progress
  • Ensure the applicable turnaround times are met by the CIDB
  • Receive Applications at provincial offices, and process past capture at head office
  • Perform financial Integration
  • Perform External Data Validation (CIPRO etc.)

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