City Power Johannesburg

City Power Johannesburg

Smart Metering

The Smart Meter Implementation Programme of City Power ensures the ability to actively manage the distribution of the electricity supply within the City of Joburg. This includes the ability to measure demand and usage whereafter, collection, disconnection, reconnection, outage identification, outage restoration, load management, meter reading and other operational processes are now able to be being implemented; all of which are being made more efficient through initiatives being implemented to better serve the residents of the City of Joburg.

This project focus was for nVisionIT to integrate smart metering infrastructure as part of an IOT (Internet of things) deployment leveraging Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft SQL in a private cloud deployment.

City Power’s vision for the Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) is that intelligent energy meters in homes and businesses will collect information on usage and send all the data to a central hub located at City Power.

The SMIP requires major IT investments, with a need for smart meters, smart communicating modules, advanced communications networks, as well as technologies to secure data.

The end-end solution includes; Field Deployment Managers, Meter Data Management Systems, Meter Data Collection Systems, SQL, Windows Server, SAP, BizTalk, ASP.NET, WCF, APN’s, Oracle, Hexing Meters and iTron Meters.

Key Features of the Solution Include:

  • Scalable, Open-Architecture
    This enterprise-wide data management solution manages interval, register and event data in a central repository for residential and LPU customers.
  • Secure, Centralized Data Environment
    The environment reduces the likelihood of errors in business processes that use meter data. IEE MDM interfaces easily to existing billing systems and analysis tools such as complex billing, customer care, demand response, distribution optimization and design and revenue assurance. This allows City Power to deploy a cost-effective data management system without affecting existing billing processes.
  • Advanced Metering
    Allows seamless integration that gives City Power the freedom to adopt best-in-class elements throughout their network.
    In the first phase of the project over 100 thousand meters were commissioned and integrated into the billing platforms, across LPU (Large power users) and normal end users (Single & Three Phase Meters). In total the integration solution will provide over 33 unique integration interfaces (as per the provided diagram see attached reference).
  • Each of the 33 Interfaces Require
    Platform integration (across various technology stacks from WS*, REST, flat file Processing to Queues), Process orchestration and Advanced reporting.
    SQL Analysis Services, Reporting Services and a Dashboard built in .Net MVC provide the management and reporting interfaces. City Power Johannesburg is convinced as a result of this project of the value of the Microsoft platform, and in particular the BizTalk and related integration components. The platform has proven it’s self in scalability and reliability at a fraction of the cost of competitor products.

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